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Llaüt – a super day on the sea

It was a hot morning in Port de Pollença as we prepared for a very special boat trip. The sun stung mercilessly from the sky, the air was stagnant. It was 37 degrees. On this day we were to explore the surroundings of Port de Pollença on a typical Mallorcan boat known as a “Llaüt”.

beautiful specimen of a Mallorcan Llaüt

What is a Llaüt?

The name Llaüt has its roots deep in Mallorcan culture and represents the traditional wooden boats that have been used on the island for centuries. With their characteristic shape and white sails, they are a truly iconic image of the Mallorcan coast. Friends of ours bought this beautiful boat in Menorca and invited us on this trip. It is impressive how the traditional design plows through the water in a comparatively relaxed manner even in light swells. When anchoring, we felt the swell much stronger, but it was never uncomfortable. I find the design with the raised bow line and an amazingly large cabin below deck extremely family-friendly and much more charming than the usual “plastic bombers”. Whereby, to give the truth the honor, under the teak is nowadays also a Gfk – hull. Modernity meets tradition, a beautiful melange!

La Fortaleza

Our journey began in the port of Port de Pollença, where the gentle lapping of the water and the hustle and bustle of preparations added to our anticipation. As we sailed out of the harbor, we were treated to a spectacular sight: The majestic fortress of La Fortaleza, towering proudly over the bay. This impressive property has a rich history dating back to the 17th century.

It not only served as a military outpost, but was also the backdrop for numerous film and television productions. As we drove past it, I could feel the imposing architecture and centuries-old aura of the fortress. Rumor has it that this imposing estate was last sold for 60 million euros. It should be possible to rent the whole property by the day for allegedly 200.000,- Euro. So if you can afford it and want to, you will surely hardly find a more spectacular location! More information about this impressive property can be found for example at Mallorca Zeitung.

Bahia de Formentor

Our next destination was the Bay of Formentor, a place of incomparable beauty and importance in Mallorca. Surrounded by high cliffs and deep green pine forests, this bay is a true paradise.

Grand Hotel Formentor

The Grand Hotel in Formentor is not only an architectural jewel, but also a witness of the rich history of Mallorca. Built in the 1920s, the hotel stands majestically above the bay of Formentor and offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Over the years, the Grand Hotel has hosted numerous prominent guests, from writers and artists to statesmen, and has earned a reputation as a luxurious retreat.

News that the Four Seasons Group has taken over the hotel and is planning extensive renovations has caused a stir in Mallorca. Four Seasons is known worldwide for its luxury hotels and resorts, and many are excited to see how they will integrate the historic Grand Hotel into their modern vision.

However, the quick and comprehensive building permit for the renovation work has caused some controversy. Critics point out that such large-scale construction projects typically require thorough review and consultation, especially when they occur in such a significant and historic area. There are concerns about environmental protection and preservation of cultural heritage. On the other hand, proponents argue that the renovation will breathe new life into the hotel and boost tourism in the region.

Regardless of the debate, the Grand Hotel in Formentor remains a symbol of the elegance and charm of Mallorca. It will be exciting to see how the next chapter in his story unfolds.

After anchoring, we couldn’t wait to jump in the water. The snorkeling was an absolute highlight. The underwater world of Formentor is breathtaking. Colorful fish danced around us as the sun’s rays shimmered through the clear water, drawing a kaleidoscope of colors on the seafloor.

After our underwater adventure, we took a well-deserved break and enjoyed a typical Mallorcan picnic. The empanada, a savory dumpling filled with meat or vegetables, was delicious. But the real star was the ensaimada, a sweet, spiral-shaped pastry bun dusted with powdered sugar. Their airy texture and delicate flavor made them the perfect ending to our lunch.

The hours flew by. Although the sun was high in the sky, a cool breeze ensured that it never got too hot. When it was time to return to Port de Pollença, we felt refreshed and renewed. This day on the Llaüt, surrounded by the natural beauty of Mallorca, will remain forever in my memory.

If you also feel like sailing on a real Llaüt, you can charter one near Port d’Andratx. The supplier“Llaüts” offers several boats of this design. Charter prices are just under 400,- Euro per day for a 36 feet boat.

For those who like to eat in the port of Port de Pollenca, “La Llonja” is highly recommended for lovers of traditional Mallorcan cuisine and fish lovers. Or the restaurant Stay, which has almost all-day cuisine in good quality with a dream view. Or, also typically Mallorcan but more meat-heavy, Placeta Garden, located between Port de Pollenca and Pollenca.

And here you can find another short video that summarizes the day:


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