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Welcome to Placeta Garden

We don’t suspect anything bad there. And are surprised by the best suckling pig on the island, which I was allowed to eat so far. And yet it was an up and down …

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What a mess!

After our little hiking trip in the foothills of the Tramuntana between Port de Pollença and Cala St. Vicenç, we stopped at Placeta Garden.

Located on the main road between Port de Pollença and Pollença, it has the somewhat stuffy but cozy charm of a garden pub, like those often found on Lake Garda or in northern Italy.

in Placeta Garden there are many carriages

In fact, we find a huge parking lot, we park under shady old trees. And wonder a bit about the facility, which is flanked on the right hand by a large collection of fantastically preserved carriages. Not only worth seeing for children’s eyes.

We look a bit enviously at the beautifully set long table, but of course sit down at our table for two, which, like the majority of the occupied tables, lies in the pleasant shade of a kind of portico of the main house. An undaunted few, I suspect English or German, sit in the larger main area under small umbrellas.

The Argentine waitress tells us that the owners have changed. And indeed, everything made a fresher and more well-kept impression than it did the last time I was here, about a year ago, with the best wife of all.

The last Sunday of the month

It’s the last Sunday of the month and that’s exactly why – like every last Sunday of the month – we have a special menu. First course paella, then suckling pig and finally a pineapple carpaccio. The whole for 23,90 Euro. There is not much to think about!

Dry bread top packed

We start with the traditional Pa amb Oli. Touted by the enthusiastic waitress, who obviously loves Mallorcan bread. In my personal opinion, Mallorcan bread is not one of the absolute stars of southern cuisine.

Placeta Garden Pollença Restaurant-09 (1)
Before finishing actually more or less a toasted dry gray bread

But rubbed with garlic, the small aromatic Mallorcan tomatoes and a good olive oil and a little salt, it becomes a star lesson of southern cuisine. Then the brittle flavorless gray bread becomes the perfect and crispy base for a taste explosion!

Placeta Garden Pollença Restaurant-10
Pa amb Oli – beautiful!

I make myself unpopular when I remark that there is a great similarity to the Pan Catalan. Tip on the side: Never say something like that … And if then only in German, so that no one understands it …

We continue with the paella. In fact, it’s going downhill a little bit now. Very good taste. Visually appealing presented. But the rice lacks a bit of that wonderful sloppiness. All right. But not really super.

Placeta Garden Pollença Restaurant-11
Paella in Placeta Garden

But let’s be clear. That is whining at a high level. We eat here for 23.90 per person. Even including individual drinks! This is a sensational price/performance ratio so far in Placeta Garden!

Suckling pig – politically incorrect …

And now look at the main course. The Lechona, the suckling pig, so typical here, with the wonderfully crispy and just not greasy skin. Underneath the meat with perfect cooking point, great mild flavor. Juicy. And not greasy at all. I ask how long they cook it. At low temperature 3-4 hours minimum. You can taste that. A fantastic dish!

Placeta Garden Pollença Restaurant-35
Suckling pig or in Spanish Lechona – incredibly good!

The whole garnished by homemade carved fries and with a touch of aromatic gravy. A poem!

In the sweetness lies the power?!

Dessert consists of a pineapple carpaccio that is personally too sweet for me and is in a sugared watery liquid. Balsamic vinegar was spread over it – the 90s send their regards. Good, you can eat. Is not bad. But is a slight disappointment after the taste revelation.

Regardless, we are both more than fed up. This menu is a little sensation. Placeta Garden is also interesting for families with children, there is a small associated playground. It’s getting a little long in the tooth, too. But better than none and a nice way for parents to switch off and still have the kids within reach.

Conclusion: You must try this menu! It has its qualitative ups and downs. But is absolutely unbeatable for the price and you just sit very relaxed in a green atmosphere.

Come to Pollença and enjoy your meal at Placeta Garden!

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