Walk at the Tegernsee

Would you like a little country party? Xenia, the best wife of all, had advised me to Tegernsee. So I google for “easy hikes” in the region and find what I’m looking for. That the page is called “Bergtour online” does not irritate me in my euphoria and off we go in the direction of Aueralm.

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A lowland tyro on the wrong track

There you are in Munich for one day. Actually only because you are waiting for BMW to inspect your car on Monday so that the planned road trip can start.

But it is Sunday. The sun is shining. A beautiful day, the harsh winter sun stages the colorful houses of downtown Munich even more spectacular in their beauty.

While lying in my hotel bed programming for the Predator website, I’m thinking about taking a little trip to the country. Xenia, the best wife of all, had advised me to Tegernsee. So I google for “easy hikes” in the region and find what I’m looking for. That the page is called “Bergtour online” does not irritate me in my euphoria and off we go in the direction of Aueralm.

The office is already there

Starting point of the hike is the Parking lot Söllbachtalatraße . Coming from the direction of Munich, you will drive through the Tegernsee region through beautiful small clusters of very well-kept and also magnificent wooden houses. Quasi pure idyll in the Munich front garden. Arrive at this parking lot in – from the city’s point of view – no man’s land and first meet a nice lady from the public order office.

No joke, there’s a ticket machine and it’s written down. I install a parking app for lack of change. The nice lady from the regulatory office says it’s good. And also work in 80% of cases …

The description on the website sounds simple, the signposting of the path is very good. And “a little later” it would go from the forest road at the idyllic stream then to the right. This could have been described a bit more precisely, I took you a picture of the place.

“simple and suitable for strollers”

According to Bergtour online: “The path is easy at any time of year and without snow even “Kinderwagengeeignet” (normal path, but steep!)”. And: “Condition: low to medium requirements; easy to master with good fitness”.

As I read later, “Fritz”, the author of this tour, advises against turning off onto the Höhenweg in winter. But I trudge on up in my light gear of summer hiking boots, thin jacket and camera in my left hand, a small bottle of water in my right.

Boy Scouts?

At some point the trail becomes difficult to find due to the snow and the supposedly wide forest road turns into a narrow trail that goes straight up through the forest parallel to the slope. Not wild at all, but not a relaxing walk on a wide forest road either. And stroller suitable not really …

By the time I reach the high trail, I’ve sunk knee-deep in snow a few times. And had hoped that would stop again. But fiddlesticks, now it really started.

Tegernsee dream view

Now the forest opens up briefly and the view of Lake Tegernsee becomes clear. Stunningly beautiful!

However, the following short hour becomes a torture. I try to follow in the footsteps of others so that I don’t sink in with every step. Not only the feet are wet by now. Everything, actually. And only my enthusiasm for hiking has already reached the valley.

Suddenly the forest thins out a bit and further back I spy a barrier.

You’re not serious!

A sign warns of the barrier?! As if there were still an option to turn around here. Or you could miss the barrier. But the sign is not. But the official mold spares no effort to surprise us with its care even in the most remote places.

At some point I reach a crossroads that opens in the direction of Aueralm. The sun is beating down and far away above I see people.

The last few meters actually drag on a bit. Oncoming people claim that it is only 5 minutes. But All from the category “Pro” – hiker … In the meantime I have understood why hikers use these walking sticks, which I always ridiculed…

In fact, the professional goes one better with shoes with snow chains. No joke and obviously everyone knew how useful such equipment can be. Except me.

I’m beastly looking forward to a little greasy cottage meal. Or a big greasy cottage meal. And with it a delicious raspberry spritzer, which is also called ski water in the south. The tongue has been sticking to the roof of my mouth for a long time …

Beautiful or? Fantastic looks! Really worth seeing! I did not try to photograph the fantastic panorama for you. It would not have turned out as beautiful as it is in reality. I can only recommend to do this hike (not in winter…) and see for yourself!

I am hungry!

After I have looked around I give myself with a spirited “Moinsen” to the other hikers as a non-local amateur to recognize. Which is of course already clear to them because of my outfit. And ask what they would recommend as a specialty of the local gastronomy. The answer: “Whatever you brought with you” … The Aueralm is still closed …

We love bans

I find it easy to follow this prohibition. I have nothing with me except my empty bottle of water. So I continue to enjoy the view. But due to my late departure, I am gripped by restlessness, as I do not want to slide down icy paths if possible.

I ask the “professionals” about the best way downhill and trudge off again. I had asked for a path that was largely free of snow or ice. They quickly took away the illusion. So I decided to take the shortest route.

In Survival Mode

My cell phone battery was inexorably draining. The shadows grew longer and it became noticeably cooler. I wrote to the best wife of all which way I had taken and asked her, should I not hear from me in 2-3 hours, to send one or more squadrons of mountain rescue with a few avalanche dogs.

In fact, the descent was then really easy. The pulse is no longer in the permanent red range. Occasionally I still sank in at the wayside. But that quickly got better, the path was really steep though. But ice free.

Arriving at the parking lot, I am incredibly happy about the water bottle in the car. I struggle out of my trusty summer hiking boots and catch my breath. I was on the road for almost four hours. Without snow, this would certainly be much faster. But it was really nice anyway!

Maybe it’s just as well …

And given the almost full parking lot here already now in winter, maybe the time of year isn’t so bad after all for a trip towards Tegernsee. It’s probably packed here in the summer. And if I had been better equipped, the path would not have been much of a challenge. I would recommend after today’s learned: Hiking poles. Water and maybe those snow chains for the shoes …

I have drawn my route to the Aueralm at the Tegernsee in Komoot. Find it easier to follow this way than with the directions.

If you enjoyed the “walk” at Tegernsee, feel free to write it in a comment below. If you don’t want to miss anything, subscribe to the newsletter. Or follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn!


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