Magaluf Bondi Beach
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To Magaluf? To Bondi Beach!

A trip to Magaluf? Are you crazy? Believe me, this can be a really good idea under certain conditions!

Probably the very last thing that would occur to residents: let’s take a trip to Magaluf! If you are polite, you will ask, “Why?” But today I want to convince you to give Magaluf a chance in the low season!

Magaluf Bondi Beach - beautiful beach

When after a viewing in Cala Vinyes with me the little hunger stirred, the first thought was then also spontaneously: “Where do we have to go to get something edible?”. I then felt insanely brave and progressive when I suggested trying Magaluf after all. A parking lot close to the beach was easily found at the end of October, we marched along the beach promenade coming from the south.

Magaluf has an amazing beach!

I’m not a beach fan. But honestly, the beach in Magaluf is sensational. Take a look. Fine white sand. And really a lot of sand to the sea. A beach depth not often seen in Mallorca. In addition, a great view of the small offshore island of Sa Porrassa. The winter sun draws long shadows across the sand with hard brush strokes. A feast for the eyes!

Nevertheless, my mood slowly sank: most of the place was closed or looked like it would close soon …

Magaluf Bondi Beach - high-rise building sins

Bondi Beach? Bondi Beach!

But just about halfway across the bay, we came across Bondi Beach. That looked quite nice. Even if basically the hotel castles in Magaluf are not particularly promising for architecture lovers. The Bondi Beach has a bit of a beach club look. White is the base color and there is a large bar. But I was actually convinced by the menu, which sounded promising with its beef specialties from around the world, especially for steak lovers.

Overall, it looked more promising at the height of the bay. Perhaps I was a bit worried that the nice-looking place I found would be nothing in the first place, so I decided not to rely on Google or TripAdvisor, but to try it myself.

Magaluf Bondi Beach - Glass of wine in the sun

And was not disappointed. Table with a view. And in addition a super nice Spanish waiter. I ordered the croquetas caseras. And because the sun was shining so beautifully, a glass of Bicicletas y Pesces. This was available as an open white wine, I could not resist. The croquettes were brisk, crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside but still with the visible and tasty texture of processed chicken. Well seasoned, perhaps a touch too much. But in combination with the powerful wine, the even more powerful sun and the magnificent view, it’s actually too much of a gripe for a real treat!

I ordered the steak with homemade fries with CHIMICHURRI. Ever since a friend barbecued at my house and finished off the wonderful chorizos criollos from comercial vera (a great deli in the industrial park) with homemade chimichurri, I’ve been on fire for this oily and spicy South American specialty. The Bondi Beach delivered a product not worth mentioning here. But the main product, the steak from the charcoal grill, was fantastic. Taste. Cooking point. Optics. Served with good homemade fries and a bit of sautéed veggies that probably didn’t matter to the chef any more than they mattered to me on this plate.

Magaluf Bondi Beach Steak with fries

If you like to eat Wagyue or Kobe, there is also here. I’m not a big fan of these Japanese gems, they taste a little too harsh for me. That being said, I have quiet doubts as to whether there are really that many of these hand-patterned and beer-fed noble cattle in Japan to fill the menus of so many restaurants around the world.

Magaluf Bondi Beach Café

The waiter told me that they had mostly international clientele. That also in Bondi Beach this year were conspicuously many guests from North America. Overall, a trend that I have observed: The number of guests traveling intercontinental seems to have increased significantly. And with the direct flight connection to New Jersey, the Americans now seem to have finally discovered Mallorca for themselves. In fact, at our Holiday Rental, the largest group of customers in the summer was actually from the US. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

For reasons of diet (yes, everyone defines diet differently …) and time, I did without a dessert and ordered the only disappointment of this trip: The café was terrible. I don’t know why that is. But often great restaurants have terrible cafe. Most of the time it is too hot. Obviously, the essential oils are already coked and the consistency is watery. Without a stable crema. That was exactly the case here. Too bad, the pub around the corner can actually usually do that better.

Overall, though, a clear recommendation: great steak. Really extra good quality! The homemade croquettes a little poem. And in addition the look. The bill for two people was now also no bargain but in the sum of the properties absolutely appropriate. And indeed, the Google rating of 4.3 and the TripAdvisor rating match my experience here.

The only downer for you: The BONDI Beach does not open again until the beginning of March. After our visit it said goodbye to the winter break. Like pretty much everything in Magaluf.

Magaluf Bondi Beach Bill

But put this in your calendar for next year: a trip to Magaluf at the end of October. When the sun shines like it does here, you will not only experience a culinary delight, but also experience Magaluf with different eyes for once!

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