#SlimOldMan – the pounds do not fall!

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After my initial euphoria, I thought the pounds would continue to fall by the minute. But far from it. Many have contacted me and wished me success. Some have admonished or exhorted, others have motivated. Diets tend to be a fun-free zone … Andreas then offered me a challenge, at the end of which is a muscle-powered rickshaw tour of Palma, in case one of us doesn’t reach our destination. If we both make it, there will be a few cold alcoholic drinks for both subjects … Warm greetings at the place. The terrible images already in the early morning of wooden rowing machines indeed motivate … And Andreas diets the hard old-fashioned way: with pure will!

The result will certainly be the other way around!

Achim is my ace in the hole!

For the beginning of the weekend I had arranged to meet Achim, who probably weighs about half of me. And should have a body fat percentage that tends towards “minus infinity”.

Achim has grilled – Mega!

Calories in!

Friday got off to a fantastic start – depending on how you look at it. I am a mega bad host and the absence of the best wife of all could not compensate for anything. I had already called Achim and pointed out to him again that nothing was to be expected from me and whether we didn’t just want to go out for dinner? But he was relaxed about it and fell for the idea of barbecue. Unbelievable how Achim then chatting and in a strange kitchen without any help this fantastic food has conjured up completely relaxed on the table. Achim, you have to go to one of those cooking shows! Still, my little magic shot works, even here I eat less than half my usual amount. By the way, it does not work with rum. You can continue to drink it unrestrained …

Calories out!

The next morning we got up early to go hiking. Behind Alcudia is a scenic area where S’ Illot is located. We drove to the parking lot of the Ermita de la Victoria and marched from there.

The origin of the plant, by the way, dates back to around 1400. In the meantime, however, the church was rebuilt and extended from time to time, and various religious orders made their mark. But if you have time, take a look at Mare de Déu de la Victòria. The small gothic wooden sculpture is the name and meaning of the complex.

Look at the mega panorama!

Due to my fear of heights we could not run the probably most beautiful way, but also the alternative route was mega. Absolutely recommendable. And for the first time in my life I could appreciate the panorama function of the iPhone. With 360° degree finest views a wide angle lens is relatively powerless!

Pounds fall - beautiful view
Hiking trip to the Hermitage

Restaurant “Stay” in Port de Pollenca

Afterwards we went to Port de Pollenca to the wonderfully located restaurant “Stay”. I’ve always wanted to tell you about it, I’ve been there so many times. Let’s start with Port de Pollenca: Located in the extreme north-east of the island, it offers incredible mountain views just behind the town. And in front of it the sea. Sensational. At all the Pollenca corner, as many of you already know, my secret favorite. Very diverse, especially for sports and nature lovers. But due to the countless easily accessible beaches and the triangle of Alcudia, Port de Pollenca and Pollenca, there is simply enough going on for everyone. One can truly not get bored there!

The “Stay” from behind, with the Tramuntana foothills in the background

And the “Stay” is just in the harbor on a long pier and is cut a bit like an axe. The stem runs parallel to the pier, the sharp part in front is in front of the restaurant. You can often get a seat there without a reservation, because the tourists prefer to sit directly by the sea. But you sit in the front nicely protected from the wind.

The “Stay” offers a good range. Is open relatively long and has during the day in the non-peak hours a very extensive “snack” – card, which should drive every 5 star hotel room service the blush in the face. This is because it is extraordinarily extensive. Then, in addition to the wide à la carte selection of international good, but not outlandish cuisine, every week there is still a menu that should appeal to even the pickiest of tastemakers with its 2-3 appetizers and 2-3 main courses.

I am always magically drawn there!

But what does the Lord do? He orders the currywurst. It’s on the snack menu. Costs 8,90 Euro. Comes with homemade good curry sauce. French fries in a cornmeal bowl. And a small we call it salad garnish. Everything in really impeccable quality. Personally, the sausage is a bit too little crispy fried. I just forget to mention that every time I order. The children prefer to eat the bowls, by the way. They didn’t get that from me …

She looks beautiful, doesn’t she?

Now you may say that currywurst may not be the best diet strategy. And basically you are right. The only difference is: I ate two such portions before. Now I’m full after one, when I was physically active before. And if I’ve been lazing around, I can’t make the portion.

Frustration factor high…

Weight-wise, however, things are not really progressing. I hover around 106 kilograms. 300 grams under or over. I start to weigh myself several times. Unfortunately, this does not bring the desired effect. I seriously think about such issues as whether the dirt hypothetically washed off in the shower versus the residual moisture really causes a weight loss or gain …

Frustrating! I really do eat significantly less. And am totally excited about “Ozempic” because I never really believed in “dietary change”. It takes a little more to turn me into a rabbit. And this salad and vegetable eating – well dressed – is perfectly fine. But then, unfortunately, it is not really low in calories.

So I start to struggle with myself. Whether my theory that I can eat what I want is perhaps simply nonsense. So the nonsense I would like to believe. Whereby there are already a lot of changes.

The distribution of meals throughout the day has changed: From nothing during the day and then really a lot in the evening, it has evolved to an early lunch and an early dinner with normal amounts. The bottom line, I have calculated this randomly, I save about 30% of the previously ingested calories every day.

The trend is clearly visible. And also the erratic in the change.

I often used to snack on salty or sweet things to go with it. I’ve been able to replace that well with dark chocolate now – if I ever feel like it. But forget about the 99% … And just no more two Greek yogurts every night for dessert.

Twice I was also nauseous in the afternoon during that time. Whether this was a side effect of “Ozempic”, which is often said to be the case, or simply coincidence I cannot judge. Anyway, dinner was then cancelled altogether.

But finally it is on 16.11. so far: for the first time in over a year, I’m under 105 kilos again. Yippieyaaayeaahh pig cheek I think to myself, so it does work!

The dose is not increased!

My internist prescribes me the next month’s pack. Actually, the dosage should go up according to the manufacturer’s treatment instructions and all studies. But he thinks that because it was going so well, we should keep the dose low. You can imagine my enthusiasm … And I wonder on what evidence this opinion is based. But maybe he’s not wrong after all. As long as it works so well, any stress on the body should be kept small. After all, the boundary between desired effect or toxic exposure is really just a question of dose.

So I set on 18.11. now continued my experiment with the 5th dose. The weekend is off to a good start. I can do wonderful sports, the weather is fantastic! But then:

RSV strikes…

After the children had infected themselves one by one, it was my turn. The little ones took it well, thank goodness. In my case, it was a tough ride. Heftig, spent a few days mostly in bed. But now it is better again and I will probably be able to continue my sports program at the end of next week. Presumably then from the initial level. But just can not be changed!

But the day started very well today with 104.2 kilos! After the whole week the 105 was again my commuting zone. And yes I had less than half the exercise compared to a normal week.

Next time I will really report on the sports program. Have a great week and a great game tonight! I’m happy when we Germans win. But of course I don’t begrudge my fellow Spaniards. So a bit of a flag in the wind, so to speak, which we celebrate here. But there it also no longer depends …

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