American Car Show Port Adriana 2022

American Car Show Port Adriano 2022

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With the kids I went to the American Car Show Port Adriano. A rather unspecific collection of logically predominantly American cars. Also from age highly flexible, that went from about 1920 to modern times. Since the whole thing really doesn’t make a story, but it was kind of nice and I would definitely go again the next time there is one, I didn’t want to deprive you of at least the photos. They are not edited in a big way but mostly just authentic.

And? 2023 again to the American Car Show Port Adriano?

If you are car fans. And have children and anyway are just in Mallorca. And when and if there is a new edition of the American Car Show Port Adriano. Then just go there. Be prepared to enjoy much over little. And enjoy the day!


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