American Car Show Port Adriana 2022
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Port Adriano: American Car Show 2022

So we stumbled upon the Port Adriano American Car Show almost by accident. At least in 2022. But what will 2023 be?

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With the kids I went to the American Car Show Port Adriano. The on 24.09. was held for the sixth time.

What was there?

A rather unspecific collection of logically predominantly American cars. Also from age highly flexible, that went from about 1920 to modern times. Since the whole thing really doesn’t make a story, but it was kind of nice and I would definitely go again the next time there is one, I didn’t want to deprive you of at least the photos. They are not edited in a big way but mostly just authentic.

Child friendly?

Absolutely! I am not the absolute car fanatic. I wouldn’t have been so really interested if there hadn’t been boys’ eyes shining … We came very late, of course. And so have also missed the pinup show. Whether and to what extent it was adult is left to speculation. However, I suspect that nothing too “wild” can have happened here. After all, in the summer months a traffic jam sometimes dominates the radio news as the most spectacular news …

And? 2023 again to the American Car Show Port Adriano?

If you are car fans. And have children and anyway are just in Mallorca. And when and if there is a new edition of the American Car Show Port Adriano. Then just go there. Be prepared to enjoy much over little. And enjoy the day!

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