Wie ein alter böser Traum - Putin

Putin is small?!

What happens when the little pale man in the Kremlin does press the button? … Putin reminds me more and more of Gollum …

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Before I wrap up in Barcelona, I wanted to say a few words about the situation in which our road trip took place. It was really a special trip this time. Overshadowed by the events in Ukraine.

In concrete terms, this is linked to the concern about what will happen if Putin, the pale little man in the Kremlin, simply presses the button in a fit after all. Or, in the meantime, is already so far removed from reality that it believes it has found a good contribution to the “solution” of the problem.

Putin and Gollum? Brothers in spirit?

Putin and Gollum ... Like an old bad dream - Gollum
Does it remind you of anyone in particular?

Putin reminds me more and more of Gollum from “Lord of the Rings”. Do you feel the same way? And have you actually noticed that all the “terrible” dictators were small? Genghis Kahn, Hitler, Deng Xiaoping, Kim-Jong Il and Un, Khrushchev, Lenin, Stalin, Putin….

Putin and Kim?
November 12, 2015: Bronze statues of deceased supreme North Korean leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il at the Grand Monument on Mansu Hill in Pyongyang, North Korea

Not small – for the time – was Napoleon, by the way. At 1.68m, he even matched the officers’ guard measurement.

Putin and Napoleon?
Napoleon was not a dwarf

Counter-examples would be the head of the Politburo in China, who at 1.80m definitely shows height. But it does not necessarily lead a model democracy. Castro was also almost a giant, and at 1.90m he should provide the old leftists with an argument as to why Cuba could not have been an inhuman dictatorship after all.

On the other hand, Sarkozy, who at 1.60m could well join the ranks of dictators, but is far from autocracy in France. Finally, our now, shall we say, battered former Chancellor Schröder, in whose shadow only Sarkozy would escape sunburn.

But at least the impression remains that the proportion of small men among dictators is disproportionately high.

I was born in 1972. And still witnessed the fear of nuclear war as a youth. I was in favor of the deployment of the Pershing II. Because I could not understand at all that this idea “turn the cheek, then no one will hit you” would work.

Putin and the war in Ukraine
Putin and the war in Ukraine

Later, the heated political discussion dissolved into nothingness and war moved further and further away for us thematically. And now suddenly the war is here. And in Ukraine – from my point of view – genocide is being committed. Serious war crimes on the backs of the civilian population. And we are faced with weighing moral factors such as:

“Are we watching murder?”


“We are committed to protecting our neighbors.”

I have many interlocutors who hope and somehow also bet that Putin will already be assassinated. I can’t imagine that with the best will in the world. He is certainly so paranoid due to his time in the secret service that he will be difficult to attack. And his closest circle is not exactly made up of critics. I mean even in 6 years of WW2 under Hitler there were so few assassination attempts that it seems unlikely to me that it will succeed in Russia now in the short time.

Like an old bad dream - arms race
The balance of power: messy but peaceful

Unfortunately, all that remains is to hope and wait. Or for the faithful: hope and pray. The situation is red hot. Mistakes are made on both sides that can mean escalation. And it is not impossible that we will see a final escalation in the coming weeks or months.

I don’t know what we can do about it. But if this turns out well, we should keep in mind that our freedom and also our value v0rts are not to be had for free. And also are not to be preserved in vain.

Wishful thinking is not a defense strategy!

For the time being, we can only help those worst affected with donations. Here in Mallorca we participated in a big collection campaign of S.O.S. Mamas, which was really fantastically organized.

The notebooksbilliger.de AG, has already on 28.02. started providing cash and in-kind donations to organizations that help refugees or travelers. They have budgeted 250,000 euros for this. In addition, employees have been and continue to be paid time off from work to assist in such organizations.

Like an old bad dream - war in Ukraine Teddy
Families are torn apart – the men stay behind

I made a donation appeal on Instagram for 1,000 euros as part of the road trip. I thought, if each Facebook or IG friend donates only 50 cents, we have the 1000, – Euro full immediately.

So if you have already donated and think “that’s enough now” that is of course perfectly fine. But maybe a small donation is still possible?

I would be very happy if together we bring the action to a successful conclusion!

Thanks again here to those who have already donated!!!

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