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Day 5 – welcome to Barcelona

The last day has more to offer than I expected. From high – end food in the province to low – end food in the metropolis …

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The last day is always actually a day marked by the fact that it is the day of departure. It basically ends the journey, the journey is the destination, and at the same time the departure begins, because we both have to go to different places. For now, I’m off to Barcelona, one of my favorite cities in Europe.

We leave satisfied and full after the excellent breakfast in Arles and cross the border to Spain only a short time later. Once again I realize that I would like to see Andorra. And once again it falls victim to the temporal red pencil.

Nevertheless, the hunger soon comes again. Wouldn’t want to know what I will have gained on this trip…. And this time, in order not to slow down the journey unnecessarily, I simply search Google Maps for a restaurant near our route that is open on the one hand and has more than 4.5 stars in its reviews on the other.

Restaurant choice with planning

Funnily enough, almost all restaurants have between 4.2 and 4.5. 4.6 or more is super rare. I then find Terrassa Gaudí rated 5.0 on TripAdvisor with only 8 reviews though, and 4.9 on Google, which is overly impressive with 108 reviews.

Event location in nirvana?

Terrassa Gaudí is obviously an event location and probably a popular destination restaurant. The very well-maintained and in other seasons probably beautifully covered terrace was under renovation, but we were still allowed to sit outside at a table.

Our table and the terrace under reconstruction

Gaudí?? Gaudí …

I ask the waiter where the name comes from and especially the reference to Gaudí. He beckons me to follow him and leads me through the guest area inside to the small chapel, which is equally nestled against the main building. There he points to the small round window and explains to me that Gaudí would have painted it.

Day 5 Barcelona Gaudi Window
The original probably hangs somewhere else … but the copy is very good …

Then he shows me a secret passage in the cellar, which is made of bricks at the beginning and later turns into rock. It is maintained as if it was just finished now. For me, a claustrophobic feeling sets in so quickly that I prefer to turn back.

Day-5-Barcelona Grotto
Secret passage photographed from the corridor

Better: it goes in the direction of the wine cellar. There are a few historical gems stored there, absolute madness! Cool event space here. If you can get all the people here.

Day 5 Barcelona Wine Cellar
Wine cellar with dusty treasures

There is food!

So, off we go again to the top. The menu is in Catalan, I understand less than half. So I ask the nice waiter to just serve us a small lunch menu consisting of his favorites. He nods and disappears.

And what food …

A little later he comes back with two plates of raw fish and onions. I think: “shit”, that must have gone wrong. Hold the fish for mackerel and am not a huge fan there … In fact, they are mackerel. A really light taste, not at all this heavy, tranige. Great consistency! I’m not a fish expert, but I think it must be a very fresh base product.

too exciting – almost forgot to take pictures

Then it continues with truffled fried eggs. They were great to sit in! It is slowly dawning on me that the ratings have led us to a place where people have passion for pleasure. And the know – how to produce the pleasure. And far from civilization in the National Park de Montnegre!

Day 5 Barcelona Mirror Egg
Wow! And in the middle of no man’s land!

My new friend comes around the corner with two different croquettes. Once with cod, once with salmon. Each for Josh and for me. Taste so delicious that we ate them before I get the idea to take a picture.

The next course is sliced smoked salmon. With bread, a kind of creamy butter and dried fish skin. Textures and flavors are wonderful counterpoints, especially with the fish skin!

Day 5 Barcelona Salmon
The salmon is good! And the fish skin goes with it.

Dried artichokes?

Continue with a dried artichoke with sobrasada and brie cheese. What is sobrasada? An air-dried raw sausage, typical of Mallorca with the main ingredients of pork and bacon.

The combination tastes surprisingly good to me, although the flavors here go in a similar direction. And although I do not like artichokes.

Day-5-Barcelona artichoke
Artichoke with sobrasada and brie

What later appears on the bill as “Chuleta de Vaca Vieja” sends Josh and me into enthusiastic-greedy-silent eating mode. Later we ponder whether today’s meat was better than yesterday’s in France. We puzzled over what kind of breed it could have been today that could so naturally rival the Charolais?

Eastern Europe rulez!

Together with the waiter we look for the stamp on which the origin is written. Now hold on, the beef was from Poland! Never heard of it as a particularly good place to source beef. But somehow it was enough to completely inspire us. Let’s forget the chatter and hold on: Chapeau!

The dessert was called “Brazo de Gitano”, which means gypsy arm. Political correctness has probably not yet made it here ;) Tastes good, but is clearly a number flatter and more arbitrary compared to the courses before.

Day 5 Barcelona restaurant receipt

In the end we don’t pay 120,- Euro including three glasses of good house wine. This is more than fair and almost a bargain considering the quality! Another small dessert wine on the house and on we go to Barcelona.

Arrival Barcelona …

After about an hour we reach the c’Elisabet. A pedestrian zone, which our navigation system also lets us drive on against a few traffic rules. Exciting, but doesn’t really irritate anyone that much. Only I am quite tense, because everywhere risk-taking Spaniards as well as tourists “flow” around my car.


Casa Camper – Camping in Barcelona?

We stop at a small square and I walk to the Hotel Casa Camper. In Google 4.7 points, voted “Best of the Best” on TripAdvidor.

The name reminds me of the Mallorcan shoe brand. And that’s exactly where it comes from. The owner family owns a hotel in Barcelona and one in Berlin. It’s kind of cool inside. With a very unique interior design. Everything very well maintained. The rooms on our floor extend across the corridor, to the left out of the hallway into the bedroom and bathroom, to the right into a living room with a hammock. Very cool!

Day 5 Barcelona Camper Shoes
The concept is already well thought out!

Interior design in “special

Next to the bed are a pair of slippers each. One in green-brown, one in pink. I briefly consider whether this is to be understood as a give-away. But do not believe it myself… Downstairs there is a kind of dining room. Snacks are prepared in the adjacent small kitchen and then presented in this small space, which basically consists of shelf space and a refrigerator. The small meals are free, as well as the non-alcoholic drinks. Then there are other common areas, one with an “Honesty Bar” where the hotel hopes to attract honest guests. It has been 15 years since Casa Camper opened. You can see that in the interior design, but it has its own style, which is somehow so special that it seems almost timeless.

Let’s go to the city!

But first we want to experience the city, throw the luggage into the rooms and rush out again. The location is really ingenious. The Elisabet is a small pedestrian street with many small stores and restaurants or mainly bars, which then leads directly to “La Rambla” at the height of the Barca fan store. For soccer fans: The much larger fan store is in the stadium Camp Nou, by the way. I have the stupid idea that we need to visit a market hall. For whatever reason. Of course, there are four in the immediate vicinity in Barcelona. Of course, I don’t navigate us to the famous Pasage del Mercat, but we make our way to the Mercat Santa Caterin in the middle of the bustling Ribera district.

Why this particular market hall? I don’t know. Maybe it reminded me of Santa Catalina here in Mallorca …

He bribed me …

I’m especially excited about the butcher. He bribes me with little snippets of jamon that I mention somewhere complaisant that his IG -Account is carles_gourmet_xarcuters. But the other stands are also worth seeing. One has only eggs in the assortment. But in every imaginable size and color.

Later we head towards the touristy old town. With its small narrow streets and the multitude of extremely mediocre “restaurants”. We get stuck in the Nemrut. TripAdvisor warns with a not so good ranking 8586 out of 8794 of all restaurants in Barcelona. But you have to get there first!

Restaurant choice without planning

But I don’t see that until later either. We just plant ourselves because there is a table free on the terrace. And we’re not just flat. But have thirst! As it happens, you drink and chat and get excited about the stupid conversations at the next table and suddenly you order something to eat.

Moderate food in Barcelona!

I order patatas bravas, avoiding as far as possible the risk of adding too much complexity to the kitchen. Josh is a little more reckless with his kibble. But in the end it’s both enjoyable and we just sit nicely in the middle of Barcelona and enjoy life!

Later we return to the hotel via a few detours. I’m still learning what social clubs are. And we are still sitting pondering on the roof terrace of Casa Camper. About half of us actually manage to catch the plane the next morning. I need a little longer, but sleep sensationally well …

So, that was it. The road trip is over. I hope it was a bit of fun to read along what we experienced during this exciting week without plan and concept. We did well with it, got into conversation with many nice and open people. Have experienced a lot. Yes, Kalauer … Many thanks to Josh, a great travel companion. Hopefully we can do it again soon!

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A good time!


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