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Day 3 – what else happened in Genoa

Genoa consists of what feels like narrow high streets. Which, admittedly, act straight. But since you somehow often end up back at the starting point, they probably aren’t.

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The check-in at the Hotel Palazzo Grillo was done by a young, asisatic lady. I had been annoyed that every hotel I had picked out in the last few days had a parking lot listed as a feature in booking.com.

Parking at the hotel …

Today, as in the days before, the parking lot was far from the hotel, specifically at the Aquarium of Genoa. The walk is theoretically doable in 6 minutes according to Google. But Genoa consists of narrow high streets felt. Which, admittedly, act straight. But since we kept arriving at the starting point, they probably aren’t.

Excursion into racism

So I told the young lady slightly annoyed, you can hardly speak of a parking lot at the hotel. She replied that it was just a partner parking lot of the hotel. And thus he belongs to it. I answered her if the hotel was in Beijing. And the parking lot in Shanghai. Would she then still find it justifiable to pretend that the parking lot belonged to the hotel? She grinned at me and said, “I’m not Chinese”. In a flash, I realized that I had just become an everyday racist. Obviously, my subconscious had chosen these Chinese cities only because my counterpart looked Chinese to me. Embarrassing …

The most educated mother-in-law of all had recommended the centro storico of Genoa to us for sightseeing. We only got as far as behind the cathedral of Genoa. The deck chairs at Café Douce in Piazza Giacomo Matteotti were too tempting. A whole row overlooking the Palazzo Ducale, where an exhibition on Monet is still running for a few days.

Small crane ballet at Palazzo Ducale

Apparently, however, the next event was already being prepared, because 8 men were busy gesticulating loudly about how they could maneuver this huge gray wooden box into the palazzo.

German Pessimism vs. Italian Collective

The equipment available included a huge hydraulic crane and a lifting platform that enabled the crane operator to control the crane from a good viewing position. The target of all this was a large patio door above the columned entrance.

The box must go up – does that work?

As an old skeptic, I was immediately of the firm opinion that this would never, ever work. The attachment of the wooden box could be called improvised at best. And the opening in the palazzo was obviously much too small for the huge box. I made my personal evacuation plan…. And it came as it had to: The crane operator swung the giant box in an elegant semi-parabola right into the bull’s eye. And it was a perfect fit. Shut up, monkey dead …

The Cavaturaccioli has surprisingly good cuisine!

Genoa restaurant

This evening Josh had the difficult duty of finding a restaurant with the premises: “good” and “outdoor seating”. Went Everything not so on, we ran – as already the whole day in Genoa – through the narrow streets. Which then somehow always repeated themselves. By chance we ended up at“il cavaturaccioli“.

In Italy, a relatively stoic distinction is made between bar and restaurant. Therefore, we were skeptical about how the food would be. But: super! Good simple cuisine. Perfectly presented!

Very fresh caprese for Josh, I had – completely crazy from an Italian perspective – ravioli in butter and sage as ” primo” and a wonderfully seasoned amatriciana as “secondo piatto”. Before that there were small appetizers with pizza bread or pasta. Service was extremely nice, in short: we were very satisfied!

Back at the hotel, we first inspected the rooms. The large library with impressive ceiling heights. And pictures of the maisonette suite with stairs up to the bed. There is also the small cute bathroom with old ceiling beams.

Price-wise we were here again at 120,- – 180,- Euro, which I found absolutely fair and appropriate.

The next morning we spontaneously try the breakfast. Actually it costs 12,- Euro extra, but as a small sales measure it was reduced to 10,- Euro during our stay…. Due to our spontaneous decision, we could only choose one of the 5 different breakfasts. Maybe it was produced externally? No idea. Was it good? Hmmm … let’s put it this way: the seat on the roof terrace justifies the price considerably more than the quality of the breakfast. On the other hand: Is Italy famous for its breakfast? Clear emphatic NO, so for 10,- Euro really totally fine.

But we are starting to look forward to a really good breakfast, a really good croissant, maybe even still warm? And it’s getting closer, because today we’re off to France!

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