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Day 2 – off to Florence!

It is exciting that in Italy the card readers, especially for the purchase of coffee, are often broken. While they work for the fuel. A rogue …

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While we’re still bumbling around Trento, I change the day’s destination three times. From Venice. About Padua. As far as Lake Como. Actually, my “strategy” is to look in booking.com where there are quite nice or somehow interesting hotels.

Since we somehow ruled out Venice and Lake Como from the gut and the hotels in the other two places don’t really seem inviting, we decided on Florence. So today just a highway stage.

Of course, we will soon have to refuel again. And we are surprised – in northern Italy, which is not so economically weak after all – at the dreariness that sometimes prevails here.

It is exciting that in Italy the card readers, especially for the purchase of coffee, are often broken. While they work for the fuel. A rogue …

Florence is always worth a trip! Magnificent scenery on the Arno

I immediately find an interesting accommodation in the city center in Booking, the Velona’s Jungle Luxury Suites. For 8,- Euro per room. In the joy of this offer, I overlook that it applies to Ukraine refugees … So canceled … But because we find that so sympathetic, we book then directly two rooms at the still very fair normal price of 120,- – 180,- Euro.

Veronica, the hostess and owner of these guest rooms, writes to me by return of post on Whats App with a wealth of information. Gives alternatives for parking and arranges to meet us in front of the parking garage. The first time “Fail Arnd”: I navigate the driving Josh to “Florence”, but not to the address of the garage. 8 minutes … Then “Fail Josh.” Or maybe “Fail Arnd”, we’re driving by a road. 12 minutes … Very rigid one-way street regulations. We will manage that once again … And then -never more than a kilometer away from the garage- actually arrive there.

Road Trip Day 2 Florence Parking 1
Parking garages are about as many as cafes in Florence

After Veronica provided us with a stack (!) of info material about Florence. Drawn us on a map where we have to go everywhere. Everyone has made a cappuccino, we go and start our sightseeing program.

Road Trip Day 2 Florence 2
We are approaching the market hall

Where is the market hall in Florence?

The recommendation was the market hall. It is two stories high and houses many small restaurant – stalls in the upper part, which probably had to win some competitions to be there. But of course, since we had already eaten before (ragú of wild boar on homemade tagliatelle …), we limit ourselves to a tour and find it really good. But now also not spectacular. It’s clearly nicer to sit outside and take in the hustle and bustle on the street when you’re already there as a tourist.

There are many cafes in Florence. And almost as many parking garages. And all of them are kind of quirky. And parking is so expensive that it seems to be worth it.

Road Trip Day 2 Florence 9
All guaranteed genuine leather – mega bargains! …

Otherwise, it is a beautiful city, which I’m sure many also know. Therefore also only a few photos … The postcard photographers can also simply better!

Road Trip Day 2 Florence 8
Tourist photo

We notice that the signs (“RISTORANTE”) are mostly just letters. Without a background. As a result, they are always laterally reversed from one side. And surprisingly, most often All restaurateurs agree on what is the “right” direction of a street.

Road Trip Day 2 Florence 3
Times “right” around … the RISTORANTE

Anyway, we return to our accommodation after a few hours. Let’s take a quick look. And – as you have probably guessed – they then no longer leave. We are supplied with soft drinks by Veronica, order a Glovo and work for a few hours with a view of the historic city wall in the good WLAN of this really great accommodation.

A very luxurious version of jungle camp

In fact, everything is subjected to the jungle motto. Very detailed interior design. With floral motifs. Using a lot of dark color. High quality materials, a lot of decorative elements. So already full and many things also courageous. But very well maintained. Very high quality construction and very tastefully combined. Certainly not in the sense of a Scandinavian calm interior design. But it delivers what it promises.

What impressed me: The abundance of details. My room was called Humboldt. And then, as if by “chance”, a few books by and about Humboldt were lying around. And they were also spotlessly clean. Even the dark window frames. Or the new radiators in the style of the old days. Everything perfectly clean. Perfectly integrated.

Isn’t that a cool radiator?

The host Veronica is mega professional and friendly! From the preparation of the arrival to our questions. She was always immediately available. Took care and was super nice: 5 stars!

The rating on booking.com is 9.8 by the way, I didn’t manage that at Holiday Rental myself. An outstandingly good and also deserved value.

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How it goes on tomorrow, you can find out here.

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