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Day 1 – Trento

Once we were in South Tyrol, we started thinking about our final destination today. We curved a bit through Bolzano but somehow we didn’t have a good feeling about it and I guessed Trento or Trento in Italian.

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The starting point was Munich. Start time the late afternoon, because our car, a squeaky yellow BMW still had his first inspection at the Automag before him …

Cursing, I hung on hold for the eighth time. Pressed “1” the eighth time so that calls can be recorded occasionally for quality assurance. Which obviously doesn’t do much. Repeated for the eighth time the license plate number that Josh and I knew by heart by now. And waited, while we were already in the cab to Automag, to speed up the process of being connected to an employee by our presence.

BMW Quick Service – “May we wash your car?”

Just before we arrived at Landsberger Straße, I was finally connected. The employee could not tell me anything and promised to call me back. Like his colleagues before. I hung up in frustration and lo and behold, an SMS from Automag had arrived unnoticed: Our BMW was ready!

I hope the inspection was more thorough than the cleaning. The picture above is after cleaning … There is actually less dirt on the car. But clean is different, right?

Either way, complaining is always easy. The staff on site were very nice and we then rolled out of the Automag yard around 15:30. Off we went in a southerly direction. In our “planning” we had only considered that we wanted to go to Italy. And not to Switzerland. So we went via Austria to the Brenner Pass.

Day 1 Trentino Trentino Night Square
Magnificent Baroque and Renaissance facades

Once we were in South Tyrol, we started thinking about our final destination today. We curved a bit through Bolzano but somehow we didn’t have a good feeling about it and I guessed Trento or Trento in Italian.


A good decision. A splendid town in the Adige Valley. Beautiful! Historically known through the Council of Trent, which took place from 1545 to 1563. Architecturally, Baroque and Renaissance are stylistic elements of the architecture and testify to the fact that Trento was and is a prosperous city and region.

Via Booking App I found a somewhat bizarre looking hotel in the middle of the old town. The Boutique Exclusive B&B Trento. My room had a steam bath and a kind of forest, we paid between 120,- and 160,- Euro the night per room with breakfast. There was no minibar. The skull was spared splinters, the tree trunk slices at the head of the bed were a photo wallpaper.

The forest for the trees …

We were supposed to arrive for check-in before 8pm so we ignored that sign and parked in front of the university’s law school, which is right behind it.

Secrets about secrets

Just as an aside, do you understand the sign? Cyclists, wheelchair users and field hockey players? We made it to the hotel just in time, the nice guy at the front desk told me to park in another lot. But it was quite far away and we decided to go out for dinner first.

There are plenty of bars at the Domplatz

We were recommended – perhaps because we are German – a restaurant called Forsterbräu Trento.

A kind of Italian Hofbräuhaus in the south of South Tyrol. With sausages, beer (Helles, Bockbier, Pils, …), pretzels and Schnitzel Viennese style. A really cozy and quaint concept gastronomy by its interior design that welcomed us very nice with a small Pils on the house.

Unfortunately, only the beer was really good. The food was edible. The Würstel plate did not taste good to me, the Weißwurst had a strange consistency, the Wiener Schnitzel met the minimum requirements for a piece of meat with breading. The pretzel was the flavor highlight. I had a tiramisu for dessert that was remotely reminiscent of its namesake. Josh had a crème brûlée that was cold. Which she couldn’t compensate for with her generous portion size.

Not only the doughnuts I had just enjoyed in Merano in much better quality. So they were really worlds better in the“Leiter am Waal“, a tip of my mother-in-law, who has it culinary fist thick behind the ears! I can only warmly recommend it to you, if you are ever in the area!

So conclusion to the Forsterbräu: all edible. But not much more. The predominantly very good reviews in Tripadvisor for us not comprehensible. Service super nice and eager.

We were then too lazy and too buzzed to move the car and hoped to find the car the next morning still in the same place …

After breakfast in the windowless basement of the hotel, we checked out and found that the large square in front of the city tower (Torre Civica) was packed. Demonstrators chant that the war should stop. “STOP WAR” and “PUTIN GO HOME” are demands we immediately endorse. And because the demonstration goes past the law school, it is impossible to park and drive off anyway.

Bad times: In Ukraine, a stone-cold dictator is destroying lives. And in Germany, we worry about gender asterisks … Or drive like us with the car senselessly around the area … Hopefully it all ends well!

How it goes on tomorrow, you can find out here: Blog post.

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