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A trip to s’Illot (Llevant)

The best wife of all had suggested a destination. s’Illot is the name of the cute little town on the east coast. So we went there!

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Wikipedia says there was life in s’Illot around 1100 BC. And in fact there were about 200 inhabitants. Not much has happened then, today there are 249.

About perceived distance

S’Illot is located on the east coast of Mallorca, just behind Port de Alcudia. It is one of the most distant spots of Mallorca to which you can leave from Palma. The advantage, on the other hand, is that it doesn’t take that long via the highway, at least it feels shorter than, for example, a visit to Manacor, which is actually closer.

The spirits I called

I had asked the best wife of all to find destinations. So far, thank God, she had rarely succeeded, but this time she found s’Illot. From Pollença it is also “only” half an hour. So from the point of view of native Mallorcans about a day’s journey. I was allowed to follow and had two hours of peace. Slightly unpunctual I drove off and it went first the usual route towards Alcudia. By the way, the coastline between Port de Pollenca and Alcúdia is not only spectacular for kite surfers, the panorama is quite sensational!

s'Illot bay and restaurant
Once again a completely different vegetation and feeling

From Pollença to the Atlantic?

From then on, it became village romantic, the small street that meandered by the sea through the village center looked like a southern French small dreamy coastal village. Me gusta!

In general, that’s what I love about Mallorca. You drive half an hour and you’re in another world! And this can be repeated quite often and leads to the fact that certain lazy husbands find it quite unnecessary to leave the island – except for car purchases. So friends of mine …

Of course there were no parking spaces but thanks to an off-road car the problem was solved more or less legally. Firmly believing that a tow truck would not be able to get through here, I reached the small restaurant where we had arranged to meet.

Simply sweet, isn’t it? If someone could still explain to me this plant pot with contents!

Picnic in s’Illot

By the way, you don’t have to go to a restaurant here – as is usually the case in Mallorca – you can simply have a picnic. Several tables and benches under shady trees invite you!

The view is sensational. Unfortunately, my photo reflects it only imperfectly. You look at the complete Tramuntana chain, about in the middle is Port de Pollenca and the bay closes again in the south.

Nice place for a picnic, isn’t it?

Off into the water!

If you want to swim, plunge down the small slope (not literally …) into the pebbly bay with wonderfully clear water. And if you want to scramble on the rocks that look like the child of a family of giants forgot to clean up after playing, you can also let off steam.

The small bathing bay of s’Illot

In general – a super place for children. Whether under the trees, on the beach, in the restaurant. Everywhere – as mostly on the island – children are welcome visitors. A huge difference to Germany!

Our waitress is pleased how well the little rascals speak Spanish and I am signed off for the time being. In general, the service is really nice. Otherwise, please do not expect gastronomic excellence, this is an excursion restaurant. And the owner owns I think 7 more in similarly great locations. And they all fill relaxed even without special highlights in the kitchen…

Food in s’Illot? … The view is great!

We are there with 6 people. And order colorful up and down the card, so I get to taste a lot.

Gambas al ajillo are quite good. Above all crass neatly reeled! The fat obviously fresh and the cooking point almost perfect. The garlic could have used a little more roasted flavor. But totally okay! However, 16 euros for it can only be argued with the look!

s'Illot bay and restaurant
Fish’n’chips with pea puree

The Pimentos de Patron are also prima What they really are not always. Fish and chips for the kids was okay, the fries are a bit mushy and the intrinsic flavor virtually non-existent.

Courageously I had ordered “Lechona”, so is called suckling pig here. From “leche”, the milk. I was pleasantly surprised by this daily offer! It may sound silly, but the potato was a poem. Really! It tasted so really good. Had the texture of a young potato. If only the fries had been carved from the same tuber!

s'Illot bay and restaurant
Lechona – layered suckling pig

The suckling pig was layered, a bit like a lasagna. Good taste, nice and tender, slight inherent flavor, impeccable. The roasted vegetables could have been prepared with a little more effort in terms of craftsmanship, but were okay. For 17 euros this was absolutely good!

I would rather not recommend the chicken wings, others can do better … The chipirones, which is the name of the small fried baby squid in Spanish, were actually quite good. But unfortunately watery inside. I suspect they came out of the freezer, were thawed and not drained enough.

Desserts I tried – you guessed it – several at once. Homemade were tiramisu and crema catalana. Really good was the Tarta d’Almendra with the wonderfully creamy hazelnut ice cream. Did you know that this Mallorcan almond cake is actually made only from ground almonds? There’s no flour in it. And by the way, no butter either. So quite marginally also for people who do not tolerate gluten, a delicacy without regret.

s'Illot bay and restaurant
Tarta d’Almendra with hazelnut ice cream – look what a great consistency!

The coulant was as expected, here half the island seems to take the same supplier. Always tastes the same and looks the same. A bit like the McDonalds of desserts. But quite okay and you know what to expect …

s'Illot bay and restaurant
Also really beautifully decorated. Here you can let your soul dangle!

So, if you want to kill an afternoon in s’Illot with a fantastic view and a really different atmosphere than in the south and southwest, you will succeed here. If there was still a playground, it would be the hammer, maybe times so as a suggestion.

By the way, in order to flatten the small movement fanatics, you can also undertake smaller hikes in the immediate vicinity. This is only in passing and only from theory…

The best wife of all had read somewhere that there are the best sunsets on the island here. So that I can honestly – or more correctly – continue to claim in good faith that they were in Portixol, we just left early!

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