7+ Restaurants Portixol-Molinar

Restaurants Portixol and Molinar is quite a lot of change. The tapas club pictured closed years ago, now something new is about to open there. We are expanding this guide piece by piece, stay tuned!

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Restaurants Portixol and Molinar

We are always asked for tips on bars and restaurants. Therefore, I have decided to make here, little by little, a complete listing of all the restaurants that exist in Portixol and Molinar. A first start has been made. 

If this is valuable to you or you have tips of your own, post them in the comments below! 

Great selection of home made paellas. And right at the port. Easy and good.
Restaurants Portixol Molinar
Club Nautic Portixol
Culinary highlight. Focus more towards the sea. Delicious. Try pulpo with sobrasada!

Ola del Mar
A difficult name to remember but an unforgettable location:

Perhaps the best, but also the most expensive restaurant in Portixol:
Vorspeise Restaurant Periplo Portixol 2
Highly recommended, run by the amazing host Sabrina. Do you have to go!

Prosecco Portixol
A great beach club, actually still on Palma’s city beach. And gastronomically good.

Assaona Beach Club
Upscale but not aloof Italian cuisine. Very nice host!
Restaurants Portixol Molinar Alta Marea
Alta Marea

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